Introductory Post

Daydreaming is a big part of my life (just ask my boss) and the Internet is an amazing tool for wandering thoughts…about food 😉  Over recent months two important things have come to my attention (consciously, at least):

Firstly, I love to just look at food. Blogs are great for this. And, in starting this blog, I’ve come to appreciate what a vital element photography is! It takes more than words, no matter how engaging they may be, to convey the AMAZINGNESS of a particular dish. And it also takes more than just a snap shot! Food photography is a discipline/art all of its own…and one that I hope to acquire as I go.

The second realisation is that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

This doesn’t mean – of course – that I am perfect, or that I ever achieve anything close to perfection in my undertakings. It just means that I am rarely satisfied, or that I rarely finish projects because I know they will never be what I originally wanted them to be, therefore what’s the point?

Maybe we all have a little of this tendency, I don’t know – what I am determined to do is change this and just start doing the things I want to and hang the consequences! So what if it doesn’t come out right first time?..There’s always next time…and nothing is ever finished anyway, right? So I am resolved to evolve.

Does the world need another food blog? Definitely not. Might it like another one? We shall see…Is it gonna get one? Hell yeah!

So here goes…The Sticky Fig finally breathes life.

One thought on “Introductory Post

  1. Mumma Chandler

    A wonderful beginning Mandina! I look forward to reading all you write with interest, and probably more than a little bias ! You and I both know that ” nothing’s ever wrong, because nothing’s ever finished”. So bugger perfectionism – the benefit ‘s in the doing (“The Journey”). So you’re right lovely girl, just EVOLVE!!! Love ya xxx

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