My initial list for this page was much longer, but as I’ve procrastinated I’ve gradually edited them down to my absolute favourites; the blog posts that I will read, or at least skim-read, every time without fail. Within reason.

Dreama Tolle Perry – uplifting, light-hearted and beautiful – I adore this lady
Poires au Chocolate – The Best Baking Blog – an important lesson in Keeping It Simple
Manger – Just delightful – a real ‘aspirational blog’ of The Perfect Lifestyle in the Medoc. Lots to savour in this lady’s beautiful posts
The Simply Luxurious Life – Lots of interesting and thought-provoking insights into what makes a good life. The idea that it’s the little details that make the difference – and not always what you expect!
Eat Like a Girl – This insightful and amusing lady’s food and travel blog introduced me to Pitt Cue Co. – need I say more?

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