Well hello there, thanks for checking out The Sticky Fig!  My name is Mandy and I live in Kent, England with my husband, little boy and our cat, Beryl.

Photo of me on holiday

Just stepped off our yacht and enjoying an anniversary Kir Royale…some of that is true

I enjoy cooking good food and sharing it with friends and family. Of course I do. I enjoy making people happy with a tasty meal or treat…who doesn’t? But, mostly, I enjoy eating…it’s really that simple.

When I’m not cooking or eating I’m probably planning my next meal, what I’ll eat at the weekend…or, in actuality, pondering one of the millions of ideas that I will probably never make, because it’s fleeting (and I’m indecisive) but that doesn’t matter because the subject of food fuels me as much as the stuff itself!

In the spring time I’m eagerly anticipating the coming months of fruit and veg growing  and all the delicious things I can do with our harvests.  By the summer I’m overwhelmed with an abundance of fresh-as-you-like veggies – as well as the odd handful of berries – and I become engrossed with dreaming up new and inventive guises for the armfuls of runner beans and courgettes that inevitably spring forth. In Autumn things slow up considerably and I can take my time unearthing long-forgotten carrots and other roots for hearty consumption. Winter is just sad…it’s too dark and cold to venture into the garden…good job we have supermarkets, erm, I mean Farmers Markets.

With a world of eating options available to us it’s good to pare it back sometimes and ‘growing your own’ is an ideal remedy to the sometimes-overwhelming choice.  Television and social media bombard us with images of tasty morsels, which is great – but if you’re a tad indecisive (like me) it can be as unhelpful as none at all.

So what’s the answer? Wait for your own inspiration…

Helpful? Good.

The Sticky Fig – named in homage to my favourite thing to eat on the whole planet (partly for its novelty value given that our fig tree yields fewer of these prized gems than I’ve had lottery wins) – is a diary of my inspired eats with a  kind of ‘dish of the day’ vibe.  I hope you may feel moved to try some of the recipes yourself; if so I’d love to hear what you think of them.  Failing that, I hope they inspire you to your own delightful creations…I’d love to hear about those too.

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